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Dog Tumbler Interactive Increases Pet IQ Slow Feeder

Dog Tumbler Interactive Increases Pet IQ Slow Feeder

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The Dog Tumbler Interactive Slow Feeder is a cleverly designed toy that not only entertains your dog but also helps increase their IQ and promotes healthy eating habits. This interactive tumbler features a unique design that challenges your dog to work for their food, slowing down their eating pace and providing mental stimulation. With its durable construction and engaging features, this slow feeder is a fantastic addition to your dog's mealtime routine.


  • Interactive and engaging design: The tumbler toy is designed to stimulate your dog's mind and keep them entertained during mealtime. It requires your dog to engage with the toy by pushing, nudging, or rolling it to release the food inside.
  • IQ and mental stimulation: The interactive nature of the Tumbler toy helps increase your dog's IQ and provides mental stimulation. Figuring out how to access the food keeps their mind active and engaged, preventing boredom.
  • Slow feeding benefits: The slow feeder design encourages your dog to eat at a slower pace. By distributing the food inside the tumbler, it helps prevent gulping and promotes healthier digestion. This can be especially beneficial for dogs prone to bloating or weight issues.
  • Adjustable difficulty levels: The tumbler toy may have adjustable difficulty levels, allowing you to increase or decrease the challenge based on your dog's skill level and experience. This ensures continued engagement and prevents frustration during play.
  • Durable and safe materials: The tumbler toy is made from durable and non-toxic materials, ensuring it can withstand rough play and regular use. It is designed to be safe for your dog to interact with and can withstand their chewing and pawing.
  • Easy to fill and clean: The tumbler toy features a convenient filling mechanism that allows you to easily add your dog's favorite kibble or treats. It can be disassembled for effortless cleaning, ensuring proper hygiene for each mealtime.
  • Encourages problem-solving skills: The toy's design challenges your dog to problem-solve and figure out the best way to retrieve the food. This helps sharpen their cognitive abilities and keeps their mind active while providing a rewarding eating experience.
  • Promotes healthy eating habits: By slowing down your dog's eating pace, the Tumbler toy helps prevent overeating and aids in portion control. It encourages them to savor their food and engage in more natural feeding behavior.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds: The tumbler toy is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It can be enjoyed by small, medium, and large dogs, promoting mental and physical exercise for each individual.
  • Versatile usage: The tumbler toy can be used during mealtime or as a standalone interactive toy. It provides entertainment and mental stimulation, even outside of feeding times, making it a versatile accessory for your dog's playtime routine.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Toys Type: Interactive Dog Tumbler Toys
  • Toys Type: Interactive Toys
  • Sizes: 138*80*111mm
  • Set Type: YES
  • Material: Plastic
  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Food Leaking Toy: Improve IQ Training
  • Dog Breed: Medium Big Dog Toys

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Sigmund Sawayn

Excellent Toy, my pet happy and entertaining xq gives you prizes

Veronica Bednar

Thank you verymuch

Jessika Wuckert

Dog Tumbler Interactive Increases Pet IQ Slow Feeder

Jolie Lubowitz

Love it. My dog enjoys playing with it. Took him a few days to learn

Arno King

All Super! The Maly got around 3 hvilini, all over the place) long to stay without Dil)))